We promote the skilling, reskilling and upskilling of the workforce towards more and fairer job conditions in Europe and beyond

Europe needs more people in good quality employment. Skills do matter in this sense. We conduct researches and forecasts at regional, national and EU levels about the new skills required for a better integration of young and adult people into the labour market. Also, we are engaged for the transversal competences’ development and certification, as well as in video CVs’ realization.



Knowledge & Technology Transfer of Emerging Materials & Technologies through a Design-Driven Approach


Promoting Management and Entrepreneurial Thinking among the career counselors and guidance practitioners in the EU societies


A new professional profile for the health care sector; qualified managers endowed with new managerial and soft skills necessary to cope with the nursing sector difficulties.


Manager for an Efficient and Innovative Footwear Industry The project, a Strategic Partnership granted under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, is implemented by a consortium made up of 10 partner organizations from Turkey, Greece, Romania, Italy, Germany, Spain, … Read More


Training for entrepreneurship, improving the women’s employment. The female entrepreneur in Europe: enhancing entrepreneurship among unemployed women. This project aims to create the profile of female entrepreneur in Europe, defining the specific set of skills to be acquired and developing … Read More


Mixité des métiers – Emploi à la clé Career counsellors and Employment Office professionals provided with tools and information to support the professional reconversion of unemployed women towards jobs traditionally considered “for men only” to tackle unemployment and transversal segregation in the labour market. The project … Read More


Empowering Museum Professionals and Heritage Organizations Staff by cultural entrepreneurship training and research The project “Empowering Museum Professionals and Heritage Organizations Staff by cultural entrepreneurship training and research” has the objective to develop the entrepreneurial skills of Museum Professionals taking … Read More


Manager in an Efficient and Innovative Leather Company LEAMAN is an Erasmus+ funded project which aims to reengineer the leather industry by offering to existing and aspiring managers of the sector innovative training tools. Leather industry, as a global industry, highly … Read More


Occupational safety and risk control in construction and metal industry sectors “OccuSafeInCMIS – Occupational safe and risk control in construction and metal industry sectors” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership involving five organizations from Turkey, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria. The … Read More


On-site construction employees’ occupational safety in Europe Minimizing the number of accidents at work within the construction sector, thanks to more informed and skilled employees about health and safety regulations and risk prevention and management. The Serio project aims at … Read More


Identification and definition of emerging eCommerce and Online-Marketing job profiles During the last few years Internet has changed the way Europeans buy and sell, communicate, interact, advertise and promote. The new media and continuous innovations in electronic devices are changing … Read More


Entrepreneurship in lifelong learning for young people and teachers/trainers Fostering and improving entrepreneurial skills of both unemployed young people and VET teachers/trainers. The main aim of the project EnYouthTeacher is to cover both needs: training trainers and training young people … Read More


Retail sector Skills Alliance. Future Retail managers for efficient and flexicure SMEs.   Creation of the new professional profile of “Future Retail Manager”, endowed with the ability to bring innovation within SMEs, surviving to crisis and restructuring processes. Retail trade … Read More


Future Time Traveller The world has entered a new era – the one of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Futurists and experts expect that 2 billion jobs that exist today will disappear by 2030 (Frei) and that 65% of children entering … Read More


Industrial and creative design in advanced textile manufacturing


Weaving innovation among academia and industry in the Tunisian textile sector


Boosting youth entrepreneurship in rural areas through co-working and start-up incubators in the era of circular economy


In contatto con il mercato del lavoro: nuove competenze non routinarie attraverso il mobile game


Responsible Skills Alliance for Sustainable Management of Small Hotels and Restaurants


Developing women´s skills for the future labour market Connecting women from different EU countries in order to set a network of support and informal professional guidance system. Labour market forecasts point out that the future labour market will require new skills and … Read More


Leveraging sport to tackle gender inequalities


Fostering innovation in the Jordanian and Moroccan textile industry


ICT in textile and clothing higher education and business


Textile Strategy for Innovative Higher Education


Young Migrant Entrepreneur


Qualification, Open Resources & Toolkit for the WBL Professional


Skills for Smart Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industries The need to anticipate and enhance adequate skills and learning methods as well as to attract and qualify workers has brought together 21 public and private stakeholders of the Textile, Clothing, … Read More


GReen IT Node – CH


Qualification, Open Resources & Toolkit for the WBL Professional WBL-PRO creates, pilots and mainstreams a new job profile for the WBL Professional in a transparency approach, i.e. through the application of EQF and ECVET, detailing the specific knowledge, skills and … Read More

YOUTH Re-Working Rural

The project involves rural areas characterized by different pre-assessed economic vocations but are experiencing common territorial challenges such as an economic reconversion from traditional sectors (i.e. agriculture and manufacturing) to services sector and knowledge based activities, low population density, decrease … Read More


Innovation of the Leather Industry in Jordan and Egypt


Textile and Clothing Knowledge Alliance. Future textile and clothing managers for export, marketing and innovation


European Animators For Youth

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